All of My Heart: The Wedding on Hallmark Channel

Premieres on September 29, 2018 as part of Fall Harvest 2018.


About the Movie

"Jenny and Brian are planning their incredibly romantic wedding. Emily’s Country Inn is filled to capacity with happy guests. Then a distant relative of Emily’s arrives and she stakes a claim to the house. The pressure is on as Jenny and Brian try to raise enough money to hang onto their home. They go for broke expanding her company, Jenny’s Home Baked. Brian even considers a return to Wall Street. All of the wonderful friends they made in Bucks County are worried about their favorite couple, trying to figure out how to help. Jenny and Brian’s enduring love will once again be tested as the wedding day approaches and they struggle to keep the house that brought them together." 


Lacey Chabert (Jenny)
Brennan Elliott (Brian)
Pauline Egan (Meg)
Heather Doerksen (Casey)
Daniel Cudmore (Tommy)
Ed Asner (Vern)
Michael Kopsa (Gordon)
Matthew Kevin Anderson (Andy)
Benjamin Wilkinson (Doug)
Jill Morrison (Rachel)
Latonya Williams (Kim)
Andrew Dunbar (Frank)
Barbara Pollard (Alice)
Lara Gilchrist (Susan)

Directed by Terry Ingram
Written by Karen Berger

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